How To Choose The Best TV Set

How To Choose The Best TV Set

Buying a new TV can be a difficult experience if you do not know what to look for and can be tricky to shop for. Below are some of the tricks that can help you to choose the best TV set.


1.  Screen size of the TV

The most important factor to consider is the screen side in whether you want to buy a basic or high-performance TV. For you to pick the size of your TV consider your budget and the space that will fit comfortably. Screen size also depends on how close you sit to the TV. A good rule of thumb is that you should sit at a distance from the TV that is three times more than the height of the screen for HD. You may want a higher resolution technology if you plan to sit close a very large screen.

2.  Display type of TV

The most important thing in any TV is the screen. Among the screen, there is a lot to consider in terms of panel technology, such as plasma or even standard LCD and LED. The LED TVs are an updated version of LCD generation. When it comes to technology LED and LCD TVs are the same one. The only differences is that LCD screens are illuminated by a fluorescent bulb, whereas LEDs lights the LED screen. The best choice is yours on which panel technology display type you prefer.

3.  Price

The prices of TVs come in different ranges, this is due to their sizes and also their brands such as Sony,LG, as well as Samsung and the sizes varies in how many inches you are comforted with. More money also buys you deeper blacks, better contrast, and a broad, richer colour spectrum as well as bigger screen. However in most cases the higher the price the better the quality although with less than a grand will buy you gorgeous.

4.  Sound

When looking out for audio quality of your TV, just remember that the higher the wattage, the louder the sound output. If you want the best sound experience from your television, consider investing in a good sound system set up by choosing a decent sound bar. The best way to found out the sound effect is by playing a couple of loud action scenes and then listen for the harshness to judge whether the sound is thin and distorted at high volumes, bass for those adrenaline action scenes, voices to check if they sound realistic and the amount of detail in the sound.

5.  Connectivity options

In connectivity options, the right TV cables and ports really do make a difference. When it comes to cables, there are many conflicting on this one, a higher quality HDMI cable indeed makes a difference. Better AV cables pass a wider signal faster, and thus better handle the greater bandwidth necessary to get every bit of quality source to TV. In Bluetooth connectivity, many TVs come with Bluetooth enabled, and if you have Bluetooth headphones that will work on your TV you will be golden. The ability to walk around your house listening to your favourite show with headphones and do not disturb others. A TV with a Bluetooth enhancement will usually get connected to every device and you can do your things from there according to your needs.


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